Designing what I call home

A thorough, 4month remodelling of an older apartment unveiled my new family home in 2015, and nothing has yet come close to echoing the same feeling as of being here, amidst faces I love and forms I conjured.

From sketching out custom furniture, picking palette, materials and finishes, to  boarding up windows and punching down walls, this 3-bedroom (2500 sqft.) apartment in Dhaka, Bangladesh, was -and remains- a colloquy of peace and contentment, an apartment that became home. 

Of course I went with Black, White & Red for my room

Two seats tucked under the dressing, employs the same cloth turned inside out so the seams contrasts  whilst in consonance with the same pattern but texture and palette reversed. The wooden skeletons for both the seats are up-cycled from what used to be my baby-cot.

Faux-leather is used for the bed frame, including the extension along the mattress cove which is dressed in textured white cotton bedsheets to contrast the large surfaces of black and red on the walls. 



It opens

to this!

Shelved with fantasy literature of my younger self, this is where my older self spent hours cooped up and engrossed in a book, framed in wallpaper that is embossed with mindless scribbles. Formerly a laundry room, the hidden reading room houses otherwise, a study table and chair, with a low, single sofa-bed- a creative recluse.

Warm, wooden tones pair with neutral shades adorn the living and dining spaces- central to the apartment-, pared back with the negatives spaces on apple-white, textured wallpaper.

A more colourful approach for the siblings' room with plush furniture and bold geometry

Black, white and grey take command of mum's bedroom, aided by divergent textures on different surfaces

Restless Acrylic Sea in the foyer .01

Restless Acrylic Sea in the foyer .02

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