Hello! I am Salwa, an Interior Design Graduate from OCAD U in Toronto. 

As an artist & designer, I love to portray stories in my work and scaffold into them a sense of self, so I am never soaring away, always swooping in. I am captivated by the genius functionality of minimalism and the allure of earthy, warm colour palettes.

In my philosophy, design should never concede to the mundane, rather aspire to accentuate utility and purpose in aesthetic as it competes with the intricacy of refinement within.

I harbour a deep love for existentialist literature, am drawn to the mysterious sea and seldom deny myself the joy of a good chocolate cake.

Born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, I am currently living and working from Toronto, Canada.

Recipient of the Joan Burt Architect Awards for Levee

Awarded by OCAD U for Design Excellence, May 2023


Colours of Youth, 
Jan 30- Feb 6, 2015

Group Exhibition_ Dhaka Art Centre, Bangladesh.

Black & White pieces realized in Pencil and Ink.

Colours of Youth, 
March 4-9, 2016

Group Exhibition_ Chitrak Gallery, Bangladesh.

Explored abstraction and visualizing notions in canvases.

Ink Bangladesh, 
Nov 18- Dec 31, 2020

3D Virtual Group Exhibition_ EMK Centre, Bangladesh.

One of the selected 59 artists of 172, ink works.

In theme of Loneliness, W.E Design for Health. May 11-15, 2022

GradEx Thesis Exhibition by Zongqi Jiang & Wenhao Lu, OCAD U, Toronto, Ontario

Photographs of loneliness and self-exploration in international students lives

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