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Inclusive Residential Design, 2021

37 Bulwer St., Toronto, ON, Canada


Zelda Wolff in her late 50s, lives alone in her two-storey house, keeping busy planning for a unique menu for the catering service she is hoping to launch. Her home cooked meals have always been a family favourite, and she is motivated by her children to finally step out of her shell and avail her skills to the public. Widowed almost a decade ago, and both her children having migrated outside of the country, means that she has to spend a fair amount of time navigating isolation so it is opportune that she decides to kickstart Zelda’s Zest. She is obstinate against the trials of time -rather fit for her age and refuses to consent to any additional help in the house. Although it maybe difficult to be separated from loved ones, she finds joy in the company of her friends who share similar interests and are almost always an ailment to her gloomy days. Strong-willed Zelda likes order and system, enjoys the occasional television and looks forward to video-calls with her 8yr old grandchild.

Inspired by Brick Expressionism in Germany during the 1920s, allowing her to reminisce home

Concept Statement

The ambition is to conform to the inevitability of change while consulting with comfort and positive growth. This entails that the design that takes shape around the existing structure is rehabilitative and representative of its inhabitant, the elderly woman with an ambition to begin catering services from home. Conscious of movement, rhythm and temporality, the interior restructing centres around and expands on crucial points of programmatic needs for the purposes of living and thriving.

The elements of design and principles manifest and abide to accessibilty, sustainability while nodding to the essential aesthetic dimensions of an artful lifestyle. Affirming navigation, communication and detachment from the strife of worldly affairs, the house grows around the life within, mimicking her spirit and soulfully keeping her company. A space to grow and create, to bloom and wither, to connect with oneself whilst disconnecting with the world. The first platform for Zelda’s Zest.

  • Curved skylight directly above the kitchen-indicates time and allows eastern daylight into the space since it is located at the south end.
  • Salvaged mirror attached in a mosaic print along the wall above the kitchen shelves. Brings in another dimension of natural light into the interior in a dispersed, playful manner. Differing by perspective viewpoint, the shards will reflect different parts of the home so there is maximized visibility from any corner.
  •  High contrasting surfaces for the kitchen. While the drawers for the lower counter are natural material color like wood, they are designed to allow ease of rummaging and are easy on the back. In contrast, the sleek white cabinetry comes with doors so it is easy to reach into, minimizing strain.
  • Raised counters. Allows easy reach under them; also fitted with indirect lighting and space for the feet.
  • Non-slip, non-fatigue mat for the kitchen floor. Since this is the space she is assumed to spend most of her time.
  •  Bookshelf. Serves as partition for the kitchen and office space without hindering sighlines entirely. Also allows monitoring of the kitchen from her work-table.
  • Removable drawer section. Under the sink space can be made extremely accessible by removing the section of drawers and accommodating wheelchair
  • Textured wall applied through paint. This is also a visual aid and allows ease for the eye due to the sobreity of the shade. Low response to metamerism

Interior Renderings

Concept Model, 1:50 _ Sunrise to Sunset

Drawing set: Site Plans, Foundation Plan, Framing, Floor Plans & Elevations

Section Details

West-East Section Detail, 1:30

Foundation Detail, 1:16

Wall & Floor, 1:5

Roof, 1:5

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