Design Nimbus Loch, 2022
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Retail & Hospitality Design, 2021

460 King Street West, Toronto, ON

With half a dozen names christened to the building's hospitality resumé since 1845, it is currently occupied as the site for Quantam Coffee and Brain Station. For this premise, the structure is conceptualized as a luxury hotel with retail facility- Nimbus Loch


Ed Mirvish's lopsided hat- theatre and intrigue, the flare of an evening gown- flamboyance and flourish, & the heritage of art- colours of varied identities of ethnic and indigenous bestowal 

An intersection of entertainment, fashion, & art and design district, the site boasts a colourful history of culture, community and glamorous chaos

Model Iterations demonstrate an addition of six storeys to the existing building 

Blocking & Stacking of Programs, Access, Circulation and Environmental Systems

Floor Plans, 1:130


Cabana Gallery

Breakfast Nook

Indoor Pool

Deluxe Room

Presidential Suite

Rooftop Restaurant

North-South Section View

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