Design Camouflage, 2022
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Fashion Design Studio, 2022

For Shaghayegh Tafreshi, a group project

115 McCaul Street, Toronto, ON

Client Profile: 

ST Creative house established in 2013

Toronto-based, Iran born Shaghayegh Tafreshi has background in Architecture. Her designs are for modern individuals who wish to express themselves creatively. In her garments, Shaghayegh connects art, culture, geometric shapes, and nature with a modern touch for globally and environmentally conscious people.

Inspiration and Aspiration: The Stingray Dress

Aquatic Collection by the ST Fashion House, Light Grey Crystal Organza Fabric

Collection Concept: Interconnectivity of nature and organic forms and the contra-distinct  communities within the world and how they choose to communicate and cohabitate

*Images of collection below from respective website

Key concept word: Camouflage 

The limelight naturally falls on the marine life and an attempt to mimic its mysterious and quirky but foreboding energy. The soft splash a fin makes, the swoosh of the tail, the subtle dance of the anemone, the shimmer of light rays throught the water, the supple branching out of the corals and the very bold intent of its inhabitants assemble their qualities to identify with Shaghayegh Tafreshi’s designs.

This marriage of nuance with function and intention through  metaphors or unconventional approaches to double entendre and mimicry, our space wishes to materialize the spirit that her creations hold.

Simultaneously, with the world advancing itself towards solace and comfort in the workplace, we pare back from alarming vibrance to a design concept that reveals less, and veils more- ultimately a space and its utility entirely left to explore.

Design Statement

Fashioned from the designer’s objective to inlay abstract storytelling in her creations, the design for the fashion studio divulges in its correlation to the human experience and more specifically, its seamless metastasis in the working environment. Our design seeks to mimic the subtle and playful tales that sway in the aquatic world. Inspired by these qualities, the spaces and aesthetics of the designs are interwoven with serenity of individual workplaces and the gratification of community and collaboration.

The experience deigned to fabricate is not that of a jittery working environment but an assemblage of systems and functions that nudge one to create. Synonymously, a place where infirmity is camouflaged

Floor Plans: Level 2 & 3

Section Plans depicting programmatic variations and different light temperatures in accordance to focus and mood required for designated activities to be conducted within them 

Elevations depicting various directions and viewpoints within the floor plate 

Digitally sketched interior renderings 

Reception, Level 2

Entrance, Level 2

Presentation Area, Level 2

Wellness Room, Level 2

Dining Area looking in, Level 2

Dining Area looking out, Level 2

Meeting Room, Level 2.

Looking into Lounge from Vestibule, Level 2

Head Designer's Office, Level 2

Lounge, Level 3

Lounge & Display, Level 3

Workstations, Level 3

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